[Fsfe-ie] Summary of meeting #2

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Fri Aug 8 18:41:50 CEST 2003

Aidan Delaney writes:
> > Discussion topics, and suggestions:
> >
> >   The EU patents inflation directive
> >     need to understand what exactly is happening on Sept 1st
> >     Find out what ammendments will be voted on
> >     Draft a benchmark for our MEPs: unless ammendments X and Y
> >       are inplemented, you must vote no.
> We need to get on top of this immediatly.  Maybe do the whole "adopt an MEP"
> thing.

BTW I agree strongly -- the MEPs I've contacted do know that the current
proposal is bad, but there does not seem to be an alternative set of
amendments that we can point to and say "but these are good".   Without
that I'd be concerned that there'd be a lot of confusion, with possibly
bad results.

Have the Greens/EFA produced any guidelines, anyone know?  They seemed
to be most on top of it of any of the large groups.


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