[Fsfe-ie] good intro to the problems with the new EU copyright law

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Mon Aug 11 20:40:10 CEST 2003


'You want to change the tyres on your 2006 model Ford Prefect? Anything
other than genuine Ford tyres -- with the genuine Ford ID chip -- will
disable your car. Your Sony MP3-playing nasal hair trimmer will only work
with genuine Sony batteries: don't even think about trying to make
alternatives, because that'll make you a criminal. And no, you can't buy
those jeans -- the RFID chip in the label says they're only for sale in
America. By the way, the same RFID chips on the clothes you are allowed to
buy may well be radiating all manner of things about your location: you're not
allowed to find out for yourself, as possession of an unlicensed receiver is a
criminal act.'


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