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sean at odonnell.nu sean at odonnell.nu
Tue Aug 12 21:44:52 CEST 2003

I get to work on the mep readable programs,
anyone have any suggestions?
(going trawling for some easily infringed patents now)

Quoting Ciaran O'Riordan <ciaran at member.fsf.org>:

> Right, so there's consensus that we need to do a final push on the
> patents issue.  Here's my suggestion, it requires that a few of us to
> work together:
> Send a 4-page document set to each MEP:
> page 1: why software patents are bad for irish industry
> page 2: Vote for amendments X, Y, & Z.  If not passed, vote No.
> page 3: short/medium list of names endorsing this position
> page 4: A short computer program in an ultra readable language.
> (either violating a current trivial patent, or completing a generally
> useful task, therefore showing the indirect effect of software
> patentability on the patentability of ideas in general)
> What people need to do:
> 1. Collect names of people who endorse this position, each name should
> include one or two of: county, occupation, contact email.  (this can
> be done simply by asking this and other lists, tell people to mail you
> offlist to keep low-interest traffic down.) We don't need a hundred
> people, just a few so that the MEPs know we're not just a class at
> college or a bunch of faddist friends.
> 2. Can someone volunteer to mail/fax these docs?  (two people?)
> 3. With each package, we should send a contact email/phone/address.
> This work needs to be shared.  Who is willing to be a contact?
> (I'm hoping 4 others will put their names forward, 3 MEPs each) 
> 4. We need to find out what amendments we want.  I'm working on
> this but a second person would be helpful.
> 5. Write the one page "why patents are bad" sheet.  I'm nearly done
> with my draft.  I'll use a better title :)
> 6. Can someone write the one page trivial computer program, in a
> readable language (PASCAL, BASIC, SQL?, BASH, Dos shell).
> It should be understandable with a simple explanatory comment at the
> top.  Infringe a patent or do something generally useful, something
> that must not become patentable.
> Does this sound good?
> so, we need:
> 2 mailers/faxers
> 5 people willing to be contacted by MEPs
> 1 person to write MEP-readable code
> Everyone to sign the document (if they want)
> 2 people to research what amendments are being pushed by similar orgs.
> Who will work on this?
> let me know if you have any amendments or proposals etc. but
> lets get this done rather than end up like the EU :P
> ciaran.
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