[Fsfe-ie] TODO, last patent action

Malcolm Tyrrell tyrrelmr at cs.tcd.ie
Wed Aug 13 11:48:13 CEST 2003

> 2. Can someone volunteer to mail/fax these docs?  (two people?)

I willing to do (some of) this.

> 3. With each package, we should send a contact email/phone/address.
> This work needs to be shared.  Who is willing to be a contact?

Not me. I'm planning to send an independent letter to the MEPs.  I think
that being a contact for our joint letter as well might weaken both

> 4. We need to find out what amendments we want.  I'm working on
> this but a second person would be helpful.

I'll be having a look, anyway. How should we (i.e. all of us) communicate
about this particular issue: e.g. Wiki, mailing list, meet in person,...

> 6. Can someone write the one page trivial computer program, in a
> readable language (PASCAL, BASIC, SQL?, BASH, Dos shell).
> It should be understandable with a simple explanatory comment at the
> top.  Infringe a patent or do something generally useful, something
> that must not become patentable.

It would certainly be useful for us to have one or two cananonical
examples, but I think it would be a bad idea to put code in the letter.
Many people have a very negative reaction to computer speak (similar to
mathematics) and may feel intimidated by it. Even if the MEPs could
understand the program, why should they want to? Remember, ours in only
one issue out of many that they will be concerned with at the moment.

I think it might be better to describe a scenario rather than present an
example. Even better if that scenario describes what happens to "Irish
Company A". 

Good luck,


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