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How about Alan Cox? He understands the issues, he feels strongly about them,
he's a kernel hacker (demands respect from geeks), he's a Red Hat employee
(demands respect from suits), he lives in Wales (cheap), and I get the
impression he'll do things like this for beer (ditto).


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> Hi i am a representative of UCD Netsoc. we are looking to do a series of
> talks on a rough theme of "legal issues with computing/Internet in
> Ireland". Since the issue of software patents if current we are looking
> to invite a speaker to give a talk on the subject (against software
> patents, not for). Does anyone have any suggestions on who to try and
> invite / does anyone want to invite themselves. The person does not
> nessarily have to be living in iteland, we would be willing to pay
> travel costs.
> Thanks
> David Cathcart (OCM)
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