[Fsfe-ie] 1page summary to MEPs (new 2 page format)

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Fri Aug 22 18:03:16 CEST 2003

On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 01:37:47PM +0100, Malcolm Tyrrell wrote:
> > here it is:
> > http://www.compsoc.com/~coriordan/docs/dear_mep/
> Really excellent Ciaran! Exactly the kind of thing that's needed.


> Two comments:
> Firstly, the "Telecommunications research" section:
> In response to this, you offer a recommendation:
> I'm not sure if our recommendations would be taken seriously. It might
> be preferable to simply note that research is being done and (I assume)
> is cost effective, even though telecom companies are currently operating
> without software patents.

I'll look at changing that paragraph, I wasn't sure about it myself.
The problem is that the telecoms are some of the main owners of EU
software patents.  They stand to lose, so they're fighting dirty.

> Secondly, I noticed a simple grammatical mistake (that I had to look up to
> be sure):
> > Software companies collaborate to everyones benefit
> "everyones" should be "everyone's".

Or Aidans "everyones'"...
I think "everyone's" is correct, I'll recheck it. (due to plurals)

On another note, Ireland has 2.7% of the vote, UK has 17%.  I want
to send our pack to as many UK MEPs as we can.  I don't want to
put much extra strain on Malcolm and Aidan (post & fax folks) so I'll
do as much as I can myself, but if anyone wants to do more, this is
an area that would benefit from a few hours of spare time.

(have to leave work, will mail again from home in 30 mins)

Ciaran O'Riordan

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