[Fsfe-ie] patents status withdrawl etc.

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Sun Aug 31 22:13:34 CEST 2003

As we know, the proposal has been sent back to JURI so that they
can produce something less contraversial.

Brian Crowley is the only Irish MEP on JURI, I'm told by Alex Macfie
that the "the UK lobbyists" have been in contact with Mr. Crowley, and
he's anti-swpats.  I've requested more details from Alex (and details
of where this action was coordinated).

Alex also says that a Portuguese MEP has tabled the FFII mini-proposal
as an amendment.  If this amendment makes it to the plenary we should
tell our MEPs to vote Yes on it.

We should probably hold our action until we hear the details of the
Mr.Crowley situation, I'll forward all info as soon as I get it.


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