[Fsfe-ie] Notes from last Thursday

Glenn Strong Glenn.Strong at cs.tcd.ie
Mon Dec 1 18:35:51 CET 2003

Hi everyone,

not minutes of an "official" meeting, whatever that might mean right
now. Just my sketchy notes of what Myself, Ciaran, Malcolm and Mel
discussed when we met in Benshaws for a few pints last week:

  * We should press on with IFSO using a committee off 4 for
    now. It doesn't seem like we're getting more volunteers in the
    short term.
  * We mentioned that it would be useful to talk to a lawyer or
    solicitor who had some understanding of/interest in Free
    Software. Ciaran thought he might know of somebody.
  * What is represented at http://www.wsis-pct.org ? It looks
    interesting (link via Ciaran, again).
  * We should move forward with the IFSO web site ASAP.
  * Related - does anybody have any talent/know anybody with any
    talent who could do a logo? Malcolm suggested a GNU playing a
    harp (which I must say I like, personally).
  * The next official meeting will be on December 11th, and if we have
    not signed the paperwork for IFSO by then we will do it at that
  * The key active issues at the moment are Euro-swpatents and the
    Irish EUCD implementation. We should also be considering some work
    on Free Software advocacy (as well as defence) - for instance,
    trying to promote the use of Free Software in charities. There was
    a sense that IFSO should be working on that as well as the
    political advocacy.

Anybody want to add or correct anything?
Glenn Strong

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