[Fsfe-ie] Possible opinion formers: academics

James Heald j.heald at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Dec 3 15:19:37 CET 2003

James Heald wrote:

> If we're looking for a way into the technology transfer people at TCD, I 
> wonder if Iona (http://www.iona.com/) might be onside.
> They specialise in systems integration based on Open Standards (Corba, 
> J2EE etc) running on a variety of platforms including Linux -- so 
> potentially directly threatened by software patents.
> According to the page at TCD,
> "Iona is a prestigious software company which was developed from 
> research into distributed systems at Trinity in 1991. Dr Chris Horn, a 
> former lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, serves as 
> Managing Director. Iona was launched on NASDAQ in February 1997 and has 
> over 500 employees worldwide".

Though their PR material does make quite a lot of the fact that their 
core system is built on patented "Adaptive Runtime Techology"(tm)

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