[Fsfe-ie] The patented videostore

James Heald j.heald at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Dec 4 11:53:25 CET 2003

I don't know if everybody's already seen this, but it's quite a fun 
illustration of the software patents you might have to face, if you were 
running an e-commerce video shop for instance:




Anyone feel like putting together an English-language version of the 
graphic ?
(Perhaps including an Irish domain name with an accent in it ?)


Original Danish version by

Swedish version by	
	Magnus Stålnacke / jemamo at telia.com
	Erik Josefson / ehj at cleosan.com

Dutch version by
	Dieter van Uytvanck / dietvu at village.uunet.be

English translation of the text:
	Niels Vestergaard Jensen / nvj at fys.ku.dk

<img src="screenshot-med-patenter.png">
<h2>Patents in an internet video shop</h2>

If you want to start your own videoshop on the internet there are
a few patents you should be aware of. Patents normally cost a certain
percentage of turnover (often between 2% and 5% - most expensive if
turnover is small). Some companies give discounts on purchase of
licenses to several different patents. The patents mentioned below
are not owned by the same company, so you can't expect to get volume

<li><b>https://</b> - SSL connections use RSA encryption: US4405829
<li><b>https://</b> - SSL connections use encrypted sockets: US5657390
<li><b>åbent-døgnet-rundt.dk</b> - National characters in domain names:
<li><b>[Drama] [Kids] [Action] [Thriller]</b> - Tabs: EP689133
<li><b>ladybird.gif</b> - GIF-files use LZW-compression:  EP129439
<li><b>The film Ladybird is about...</b> - Pop-up vindow: EP0537100
<!-- ser ikke holdbar ud <li><b>Byt film om mariehøns</b> - EP416482 -->
<li><b>1-click</b> - Buy in one click: US5960411
<li><b>Watch</b> - Displaying video through the web: EP0933892
<li><b>in browser</b> - Display in a browser window: US5838906
<li><b>Download film</b> - Displaying video through the web (same as
above): EP0933892
<li><b>mpeg4-format</b> - Widely used video format for video download:
More than 40 patents (herunder DK638218)
<li><b>Basket</b> - The concept of basket: EP0784279
<li><b>Soundtrack.mp3 and Film</b> - E-commerce in services: DK/EP738446
<li><b>Soundtrack.mp3</b> - MP3 is a widely used sound format: DK287578
<li><b>Pay with credit card</b> - Credit card payment through the
Internet: EP820620
<li><b>Send as gift</b> - Calculation of correct gift adress from
insufficient information: EP927945
<!-- ser ikke holdbar ud <li><b>Formularer</b> - EP1228451 -->
<li><b>Books on ladybirds</b> - Affiliate link: US6029141
<li><b>Get a loan</b> - Automatized loans: EP715740
<li><b>VISA</b> - Digital signature in graphics til show that shop is
approved for recieving VISA payments: EP0798657
<li><b>Pay through your internet provider</b> - Payment through
telecommunication network: EP084836


None of the patents are valid in India: By moving the video shop to 
India you can avoid paying for the patents.

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