[Fsfe-ie] Videoshop Mark 2

Ian Clarke ian at locut.us
Fri Dec 5 11:47:18 CET 2003

John Evans wrote:
> http://www.e-xamit.ie/swpat/video.htm

I have some additional comments on the existing introductory text.  I 
hope John doesn't see this as a criticism of his translation work, but I 
think that this is a powerful idea (forcing people to look at patents 
from the perspective of an innovator whose hands are tied by patents, 
rather than an innovator who gets rich by coming up with an idea and 
patenting it), and want to make it as accessible as possible.

> If you want to start your own videoshop on the internet there are a
> few patents you should be aware of.

As per my previous email - I think we need a better introduction to this 
page.  Imagine someone totally unfamiliar with the patent debate.  I 
think we need to make it more narrative:

"Everyone seems keen to protect innovation in the European software 
industry, so we thought we would take a look at patents from the 
perspective of an actual innovator.  Susan has recognized that there is 
a gap in the market for an online video store, and she has put together 
a prototype which you can see below.  Her friend, Patrick, who is a 
patent lawyer, has pointed out that she has infringed a number of 
patents and may be sued if she actually goes into business.  Here are 
some of the patents she infringes:"

> Patents normally cost a certain percentage of turnover (often between
> 2% and 5% - most expensive if turnover is small).

I don't understand what this whole thing about turnover is about - much 
simpler just to say "This website infringes the following patents:", I 
think this whole 2% 5% business is just confusing the issue.

> Some companies give discounts on purchase of licenses to several
> different patents. The patents mentioned below are
> not owned by the same company, so you can't expect to get volume
> discount.

Again, this is beside the point and just obscures the real issue, which 
is that our imaginary innovator could not set up this simple website 
without infringing 20 patents.


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