[Fsfe-ie] Videoshop Mark 2

Fergal Daly fergal at esatclear.ie
Fri Dec 5 11:57:45 CET 2003

On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 10:47:18AM +0000, Ian Clarke wrote:
> "Everyone seems keen to protect innovation in the European software 
> industry, so we thought we would take a look at patents from the 
> perspective of an actual innovator.  Susan has recognized that there is 
> a gap in the market for an online video store, and she has put together 
> a prototype which you can see below.  Her friend, Patrick, who is a 
> patent lawyer, has pointed out that she has infringed a number of 
> patents and may be sued if she actually goes into business.  Here are 
> some of the patents she infringes:"

Small point - I don't think that calling an online video shop "innovative"
is a great, it's less innovative than some of the patents we criticise for
their lack of innovation.

Can we make it clear that we don't think this is innovative, but similar
obstacles would apply. Or we could just change to an example of how
ridiculous any sort of web based selling is in patent-land.


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