[Fsfe-ie] EUCD

John Evans jevans at eircom.net
Wed Dec 10 22:54:51 CET 2003


On http://www.gnu.org/links/links.html#FreedomOrganizations

There is a link to     http://www.openrevolt.org

"This site is devoted to providing information about the European Copyright
Directive and similar legislation. This site concentrates on the two
principal problems of the EUCD from a computer user's perspective: the
``Takedown'' Clause, which makes it easier for copyright holders to censor
webpages on ISPs, and the Anti-Circumvention Clauses, which give legal
protection to copy-protection measures, and in the process compromise public
policy goals in copyright itself, human rights, competition policy and
hinder academic research."

Any use?

Best Wishes

John Evans

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