[Fsfe-ie] EU direcitves being rushed into Ireland before presidency

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Thu Dec 11 13:10:28 CET 2003

"Ben North" <ben at redfrontdoor.org> writes:
> In general I think we might be better off with just trying to explain as
> succinctly as possible what it is we're worried about, rather than
> trying to suggest new wording.  We don't want to pretend to be experts
> in drafting legislation when we're not.  (At least, I'm not; maybe
> others on the list are more qualified.)  Maybe our best bet is to press
> the point that the set of permitted acts is part of the "copyright
> bargain" that the public has made with rights-holders, and
> rights-holders should not be allowed to "trump" those permissions by
> using protection-measures.

Right. thanks for all the comments, I'll go with this advice and just
say as little as possible to express our concerns without suggesting an
alternate wording.

> I've got a foul cold at the moment so might not make this evening, but
> will try to call in for a bit at least.

ok.  All previous meetings have been adjourned by the barman telling us
that the pub is closing, so if you drop in late, I'm sure we'll still be
there.  Or if you want to drop in before 8, just mail the list and some
people will also turn up early (as we've done in the past).

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