[Fsfe-ie] Notes from yesterdays meeting

Glenn Strong Glenn.Strong at cs.tcd.ie
Fri Dec 12 16:34:56 CET 2003

Hi everyone,

A few notes from yesterday evening.

Present: Glenn Strong
         Malcolm Tyrrell
         Teresa Hackett
         Ciaran O'Riordan
         Ben North
         Aidan Delaney

The primary focus of the discussion was copyright law, specifically
the EUCD and the Enforcement Directive.

  * We have committed to giving Tony McGrath our comments in an email
    on Monday. The most pressing issue is therefore to collect our
    arguments in a coherent manner by then.
  * There was considerable discussion as to what changes/improvements
    we would like to see in EUCD implementation. Malcolm and Ciaran
    have already posted on the list about this so I won't rehash their
  * Several suggestions were made about groups we should be talking to
    in Ireland (particularly mentioned were libraries and consumer
    rights organisations). Teresa will be contacting libraries and
    will keep us informed.
  * There was also some talk about promoting Free Software in schools
    - John Evans on-list is interested, and Aidan has some experience
    of doing this.
  * Finally, the administrative paperwork to open an IFSO bank account
    was done, and this should be done by next week.

Glenn Strong

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