[Fsfe-ie] Notes from yesterdays meeting

Ian Clarke ian at locut.us
Fri Dec 12 21:47:26 CET 2003

Glenn Strong wrote:
>   * We have committed to giving Tony McGrath our comments in an email
>     on Monday. The most pressing issue is therefore to collect our
>     arguments in a coherent manner by then.

Well, to aid with this collection, I will restate my concern as 
concisely as I can:

If ICA2000 recognizes the importance of "fair dealing" - which it does, 
then it should not be amended in such a manner as to protect 
technologies that prevent people from fair dealing, as this would 
effectively eliminate fair dealing in Irish copyright law.

The solution is to permit circumvention activities when their purpose is 
to allow people to exercise their fair dealing rights.

Hope that helps (and that I am not repeating myself needlessly).


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