[Fsfe-ie] Quick question:contracting out protection in Irish CCRA

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Fri Dec 12 22:16:57 CET 2003

<teresahackett at eircom.net> writes:
> I'm looking for the section in the Irish copyright act which protects
> users from contracting out of their statutory protections. We talked
> about it last night at our meeting. I thought it was section 210, but
> it seems not.

Pt.I S.2 (10)

p29 (of 205) of the copyright directive

"Where an act which would otherwise infringe any of the rights conferred
by this Act is permitted under this Act it is irrelevant whether or not
there exists any term or condition in an agreement which purports to
prohibit or restrict that act."

That's it, isn't it?

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