[Fsfe-ie] Irish Times articles today (friday) - (academic contacts?)

David Golden david at oldr.net
Sat Dec 13 00:44:35 CET 2003

Business section p7

The minus of the repetition of the now-familiar Telecom 5 stuff* in "R&D spend 
may be 'wasted' if patent proposals go ahead"  is somewhat offset** by the 
plus of Karen Lillington's  "Web offers copyright solution" creative commons 
piece, which points out that  

Dr. Darius Whelan  and Ms. Louise Crowley in UCC

have been tweaking the licenses for Irish use taking into account
the differences between american and irish fair use/fair dealing.

Are people on fsfe-ie already in contact with them?  I didn't see them on 
James Heald's earlier list of relevant academics, but AFAIK that was 
patent-oriented - sure sounds like they might know a bit about the copyright 
side of things, at least.  

Heh, they're probably already on this list, but just thought I should check...

*<incurably-optimistic>the sheer whininess of the complaints of the Big 5 
about "deserving protection" might count against them</incurably-optimistic>

**N.B. patents and copyrights are on different axes - I do NOT think
the articles somehow "cancelled out" and made everything okay on average or 
anything, the minus/plus/somewhat-offset thing was just poetic license...

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