[Fsfe-ie] Notes from yesterdays meeting

Malcolm Tyrrell malcohol at eircom.net
Sat Dec 13 11:04:20 CET 2003

> Well, to aid with this collection, I will restate my concern as 
> concisely as I can:
> If ICA2000 recognizes the importance of "fair dealing" - which it does, 
> then it should not be amended in such a manner as to protect 
> technologies that prevent people from fair dealing, as this would 
> effectively eliminate fair dealing in Irish copyright law.
> The solution is to permit circumvention activities when their purpose is 
> to allow people to exercise their fair dealing rights.

This is precisely the point that I was trying to argue in the draft text
I sent yesterday: 


If you don't feel I get the point accross, please suggest changes or
advocate another approach to expressing the point.


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