[Fsfe-ie] "Software Patents in Europe" IRC meet 6pm Monday

James Heald j.heald at ucl.ac.uk
Sun Dec 14 21:35:19 CET 2003

There's going to be an IRC discussion on "Software Patents in Europe" this
Monday at 6pm, to kick off a week of free online events organised by Uninet
as part of its 4th international virtual conference on unix:

All welcome to #linux on the Uninet IRC network,

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From: "Guy Brand"
Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2003 9:34 AM
Subject: Umeet conference on swpats

>   Hello,
>   Uninet Project (http://www.uninet.edu) is announcing its 2003 edition of
>   the Umeet Conference
>   This year, the organizing comittee wants to start the event by a bof
>   dedicated to Software Patents in EU. Feel free to join this bof session,
>   which will take place on Monday, December 15th at 18:00 UTC. Umeet
>   conferences are given online through the IRC network of Uninet
>   (http://www.uninet.edu/uninet/servers.html). The bof and conferences
>   take place in the #linux channel.
>   For those new to IRC, you need an IRC client (such as xchat, chatzilla,
>   ircII) which has to be told to connect to one of the servers listed on
>   previously given web page and you have to join the #linux channel
>   by issuing a /join #linux command). If you need help or assistance, feel
>   free to ask. Some web gateways to IRC servers are also available for
>   sitting behind restrictive firewalls or networks
>   is one of these gateways).
>   gb
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