[Fsfe-ie] Letter about EUCD implementation

Malcolm Tyrrell malcohol at eircom.net
Sun Dec 14 23:39:20 CET 2003

Just a bit of fun in response!

Conor Daly wrote:
> If you're not prepared to agree to an onerous license to use the
> necessary platform, you shouldn't have bought the work.

It's not like you can say to a child: "I know you wanted the Westlife
album for Christmas, but I didn't like the licensing terms so I got you
this CD of Richard Stallman singing the Free Software song instead." 

Actually, the issue has affected me recently. I was going to buy the new
Kraftwerk album until I discovered that it's a non-CD (looks like a CD,
packaged like a CD but deliberately avoids the standard to discourage
ripping). I could probably buy it anyway, make a new copy that is a CD
(It's unlikely to be very difficult) and throw the version I bought in
a drawer. But I decided, instead, not to buy the album as a very very
very very very small protest. Perhaps someone should (or has) organise
an official boycott?

> If you can make your choice of platform run my software, that's fair
> enough but, if not, what gives you the right to crack my content
> protection?

Unless you have patented your algorithm, it's not your content protection
but *everybodies* content protection!!!


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