[Fsfe-ie] Patents: time to do something

sobriquet sobriquet at eircom.net
Sat Jun 28 17:12:59 CEST 2003

Hello everyone.

I've been emailing the various MEPs regarding the Software Patents vote, and
I've got some good responses. An assistant for Pat Cox made noises about how
the Liberal Group (of which Cox is a member) has no set position, but that
they have fought software patents in the past: "MEPs in the Liberal Group on
the relevant committees (Legal Affairs Committee and Culture Committee) have
voted against the patenting of computer programs "shall not be patentable
inventions involving computer programs which implement business,
mathematical or other methods, which inventions do not produce any technical
effects beyond the manipulation and representation of information within
computer system or network"."

Which seems to be good news.

I got an odd reply from Dana Scallons' office though. An assistant of hers
(Brooke Wilkins), promised to pass on my 'concern' when Mrs Scallon is
available, but replied with the following: "I have found some information
that may be helpful to you.  The legislation has already been voted on in
Parliament.  The MEPs ammended the proposal so that a patent could not be
obtained for every simple computer program.  The proposal is now awaiting a
vote in the Commission in the DG Internal Market."

I've emailed asking for clarification - details of the supposed vote. I
think it may just be crossed wires though. Could anyone on the list clarify


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