[Fsfe-ie] Cumann Scóp-Ríomhoideas na hEireann?

David Golden david at oldr.net
Sun Nov 2 02:29:43 CET 2003

Just a suggestion, I don't know if anyone has thought of an Irish name

My Irish kinda sucks by now, so that might need significant correction and 
should be run by a decent Irish scholar, as it is perhaps contraversial as 
outlined below:

Why "Scóp-" and not "Saor-" ? 

AFAIK Irish "Scóp" most closely translates as 

ISTR someone telling me it was probably the origin of one sense of the English 
word "scope", as opposed to a later import from the English, though again 
you'd have to ask a language expert.

I'm pretty sure that the word "Saor" has by now become as Libre/Gratis 
confused as "Free" in English - though AFAIK it does / did once mean Libre as 
opposed to "Aisce" (Gratis).

"Scóp" thus seems pretty apt, and perhaps even more closely aligned to what 
the FSF mean by "Free" than either Libre or Gratis.

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