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 >> Being very pedantic here, but that should be "software libre" as
 >> continental languages reverse the noun and adjective. GNU gets
 >> this one right.

 fi> Being even more pedantic, if we're just borrowing the adjective
 fi> "libre" then it should go before the noun as this is English. Of
 fi> course maybe we're borrowing the entire phrase.

Well, that term has sprung from the European Commission, mixing
"logiciels libre" and "Free Software" to "Libre Software." So we
didn't really create or propose it, but we find it usable.

 fi> I personally agree with Free Software in the FSF meaning of the
 fi> words. I find it hard to see exactly how anyone will get stinking
 fi> rich with it 

If you put in an insane amount of work and know what you are doing,
that should be possible, though. :)

Bill Gates recently said that of a commercial software project,
license sales is only about abt. 6% of the budget. Which boils down to
the statement that 94% of the revenue are as easy to make with Free
Software as they are with proprietary.

But such markets have to grow and that takes time.


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