[Fsfe-ie] Cumann Scóp-Ríomhoideas nahEireann?

David Golden david at oldr.net
Sun Nov 2 13:12:28 CET 2003

On Sun 02 Nov 2003 01:59, Niall Douglas wrote:

> This is an outstanding idea which I completely support as it solves
> all my problems. Kudos to David for thinking of it.

As I said, reasonably lightheartedly, to Niall earlier -"Now I know there's 
something wrong with it ;-)".  

Given his expressed stance in certain respects, I would like to stress that I 
personally do NOT consider anything less than DFSG-Compliant to have 
sufficient "Scóp".  

I did NOT intend to leave wiggle room to introduce nonfree stuff or anti-gpl 
wackiness.  I will be charitable and assume by "solving his problems" Niall 
meant that it removed ambiguity he perceived to be introduced by common usage 
of "Free" and "open", not that it left such wiggle room...

IMHO the best English translation is still "Irish Free Software Organisation", 
and if "Free" is perceived ambiguous by some party, that's not so bad anyway, 
since it means one can explain the FSF philosophy when they ask for 

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