[Fsfe-ie] Cumann Scóp-Ríomhoideas nahEireann

David O'Callaghan david.ocallaghan at cs.tcd.ie
Sun Nov 2 13:39:15 CET 2003

Hi all,

I think "Ríomhoideas" means an individual computer program. "Bogearra"
would be the usual translation for "software", or "Bogearraí" in the

Dé Domh, 2003-11-02 ag 01:29, scríobh David Golden:
> Just a suggestion, I don't know if anyone has thought of an Irish name
> yet.
> My Irish kinda sucks by now, so that might need significant correction and 
> should be run by a decent Irish scholar, as it is perhaps contraversial as 
> outlined below:
> Why "Scóp-" and not "Saor-" ? 

I'm pretty sure that "Saor" normally means "libre", and "saor in aisce"
means "free of charge". Think of Saorstád Éireann (Irish Free State),
for example. But "saorearra" means freeware, so the confusion is still
there in Irish.

I'm not an Irish scholar but I haven't come across the adjective "scóp"
before. Scope can be translated "réimse" or "scóip", but these mean
something like "field (of study, etc.)".

I'd go with Cumann Saorbogearraí (or Bogearraí Saora) na hÉireann.



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