[Fsfe-ie] Minutes from November 13 meeting (part 1)

Glenn Strong Glenn.Strong at cs.tcd.ie
Sat Nov 15 12:31:33 CET 2003


Here is the first part of the minutes of last Thursdays IFSO
meeting. Ciaran has the other part, and he will post them (I think he
may be waiting until I got a chance to post this).

My minutes concern only the discussion about IFSO draft rules.

IFSO Meeting, November 13 2003
  Aidan Delaney
  Mel McWeeney
  Ben North
  Ciaran O'Riordan
  Glenn Strong
  Malcolm Tyrrell

There was plenty of discussion about the IFSO rules, and we agreed the
following ("A" and "B" forms refer to the discussion draft circulated on
  * There was a general consensus on the name IFSO
  * We will use the simpler B form of the objects, and will add an
    object 3 indicating a preference for issues related to Ireland. Some
    sample wordings were
    - "With focus on Ireland"
    - "With priority given to Irish issues"
    - "Prioritising issues particularly pertaining to Ireland"
    - "Giving preference of priority to issues significantly relating
      to Free Software promotion in Ireland"
  * Substitute the phrase "Reduced rate" for "Student" in rule 1.2
  * Use the "B" form of rule 1.3. It was observed that any case covered
    by the "A" form should be covered by the phrasing of 1.1
  * Quorum figures will be indicated in absolute figures,
    (the "A" form) but a phrase will be inserted in rules 2.8 and 3.1
    requiring the first AGM to review the rules (and probably
    substitute a percentage).
  * Postal voting proposals raised more issues than could be dealt with
    at the meeting. Mel McWeeney volunteered to draft a voting
    procedure to include in the next version of the rules.
  * If there appears to be a consensus on the next draft of the rules
    then we will attempt to meet to adopt them in two weeks (November
    27). If this is unsuccessful we will consider meeting on
    December 4. There will be the usual meeting on December 11 in any
    event; earlier meetings would be solely to allow the organisation
    to get off the ground quickly if the constitution has been agreed.

Glenn Strong

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