[Fsfe-ie] Status of the EUCD in Ireland

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Wed Nov 19 12:45:25 CET 2003

In case anyones wondering what's happening with the EUCD, the short
answer is not much right now.

The Department of Trade and Enterprise have a Mr. Tony McGrath working
on a draft implementation, with consultation from the Attorney General
(whoever that might be).  "In a few weeks" they will release a public
draft of the Irish implementation, at which point we should submit
comments about it.  I, or someone, will tell the list when the draft is
made available.

When it was in the european parliamentary stage, an Irish Ms. Teresa
Hackett was working on this directive on behalf of an organisation
called EBLIDA.  Also, I recently met a Ben North, who has been doing
some lobbying work regarding the Irish implementation of the directive.

And that's all the info.  So if anyone wants to get involved, just wait
for the Irish draft, and hopefully we can work together to get a
palatable implementation.

A copy of the directive is here:
clause 6.4 is the most worrying part.

(Other info:
 This is an EU directive.  This is a set of instructions as to how the
 law of a member state has to be changed.  As such, the directive is not
 copied into our law books.  The Irish law makers have to interpret it,
 and implement a compliant set of laws.  The deadline for implementing
 the directive was December 2002, Ireland is *always* late with
 directives, which is lucky because we have been pretty late with our
 lobbying efforts too :)

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