[Fsfe-ie] a committee for IFSO

David Golden david at oldr.net
Tue Nov 25 11:40:44 CET 2003

Speaking from experience of organisations and committees in my student days:

Make sure it's 
(A) an odd number (less likely to deadlock)
(B) <= 7 (next to impossible to get anything done fast 
with more executive members)

3 elected "senior" executive committee members (president/chairperson, 
executive secretary and treasurer) and 2 elected "junior" executive committee 
members (e.g. tech sec. and social sec., or whatever floats your boat, pick 
subject-matter-specific titles...) probably works out best, at least for a 
small to middling organisation. You can invent more elected or appointed 
junior secretaries if it becomes necessary, and perhaps do without them for 
the first while (but appoint/elect them A.S.A.P.)

Such a scheme can give continuity in a 2-4 year period, and may be a good idea 
if you're planning to draw heavily transient populations (student and/or 
professional, people tend not to stick around forever), as the juniors can 
prove their commitment and consider runing for election to the senior posts.  
It is typical to have a rule that the 3 senior exec positions should be 
filled by people who have already been involved for a year except in 
exceptional circumstances.

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