[Fsfe-ie] a committee for IFSO

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Wed Nov 26 10:07:03 CET 2003

Sorry to butt in, but since my name was mentioned...

I think the committee should consist of half a dozen members. I distinctly
remember seeing a discussion on the subject that reckoned committees/boards
that were too small or too large are ineffective. Too-small groups will be
homogeneous and under-representative. Too-large groups will be heterogeneous
and spend their time bickering. The recommended size was somewhere between
six and twelve. Unfortunately, I can't point to a reference.

No, I'm not volunteering. I believe I've already offered to help with media
relations, however me and committees don't get on. For a start, the first
thing I'd do is table a motion to make the organisation more representative
of open source. :)


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> "Niall Douglas" <s_fsfeurope2 at nedprod.com> writes:
> > I would be extremely surprised if the membership ever did anything
> > regularly.  Almost all committee-based organisations I've ever seen
> > are run almost entirely by members of the committee - they certainly
> > have to do all the grunt work anyway.
> I think anyone of real use, will help regardless of committee
> positions etc.
> Without holding any related committee positions:
> You yourself mailed MEPs regarding software patents
> Malcolm Tyrrell mailed MEPs, and did letter stuffing work
> Ben North has worked on Irelands implementation of the EUCD
> Adam Moran and Adam Beecher did mass faxing of a letter to MEPs
> Glenn Strong has put together a charter for IFSO
> I've researched, drafted letters, and given talks
> Mel McWeeney is looking into voting processes.
> Teresa Hackett is working on the "IPR enforcement directive" (not a
> member of fsfe-ie, but more on her later)
> (apologies to anyone I've left out, this isn't a definitive "thank you"
> list, it's just off the top of my head with a quick look at the
> archives)  (Plus numerous people have given useful comments etc.)
> So we either make a committee of 9, or we push the committee aside as a
> technicality and continue the good work.
> Unless you are referring to the possibility that a commitee could ruin
> this current widespread contribution.  Yes this could be a problem, but
> again I see the solution is to push the committee aside.
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