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Glenn Strong Glenn.Strong at cs.tcd.ie
Wed Nov 26 20:50:17 CET 2003

On , November 26, 2003 at 19:24 +0000, Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:
> jm at jmason.org (Justin Mason) writes:
> > Thanks very much for the roundup Ciaran!
> No problem, I'll try to do one for the IPR enforcement directive soon.

Expressing agreement with Justin, this was an excellent summary of the
> oh yeh, she was working outside of government, from Norway on behalf of
> EBLIDA, as you mention later (yes, same person).

So she was advising the plenary? Sounds like she'd be an important
person to talk to!
> > Any idea who'll be working on the implementation in the civil service?
> Tony McGrath is the man in charge of producing(*) the draft, he's in
> consultation with the Attorney General at the moment.
> *Producing: I'm not sure if he's writing it or what.  Also, I don't know
>  who or what exactly the Attorney General is.

The Attorney General is the advisor to the government on legal
matters, (and therefore is the chief law officer of Ireland). The
Attorney General would be checking the law to ensure that it doesn't
conflict with existing Irish law or the constitution (his department
may also have responsibility for drafting the law if the other
departments of the civil service denied responsibility).
> I get the feeling that Ireland isn't putting much resources into
> drafting this implementation.  I think it's just Mr. McGrath, and he
> also has other work to be doing, so I recommend a low volume of
> well researched comments.

I think this is a good strategy - are there any other groups in
Ireland working on this issue we can cooperate with?
> Maybe it's best to wait for the public draft, I'm not sure.  If it takes
> too long, I'll probably go ahead and start a letter.

We could start to put comments together now, based on the likely
implementation (what other countries have done, particularly the UK
might be a good guide).

Anybody know whether the approach taken by EFF-Finland[0] would be useful
to study? 
> Hopefully, myself, Teresa, and Ben can discuss tactics etc. on December
> 11th (plus anyone else interested).  I'll post a thourough minutes of
> such a discussion.  Ben is on the list, Teresa isn't.

Great - I'll be there. Is anybody interested in a meeting tomorrow? We
could have an informal gathering to push forward the IFSO issues.


Glenn Strong

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