[Fsfe-ie] Tonight's meeting

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Thu Nov 27 18:03:52 CET 2003

I'll be at the meeting tonight, one thing I'd like to discuss is
organising projects into working groups (or something).  Rather than
have everyone focusing on one or two issues, it would be great if one,
two, or three people could put effort into seperate issues.

Basically we need some way to make it easier for multiple projects to be
worked on simultaneously.  I know we're limited by person-power, but
while three people work on the patentability directive, two others could
announce that they'll be working on getting FS into schools, or
something.  It wouldn't really matter how much time they have to devote
to this, because any non-zero value would be great.


"Ben North" <ben at redfrontdoor.org> writes:
> would like
> to express support for Ciaran's proposal for reaching a decision on the
> committee: >The four being: >me [i.e., Ciaran] >malcolm >aidan >glenn

ok.  There's been no objection to this yet, it'll probably come up at
the meeting, so if there's no major objections in the next 48hrs or so...

> Thanks also for the updates on the EUCD implementation.  I'd like to be
> involved in any letter-writing campaign once there's some concrete
> proposed legislation to campaign about.


> It's also very interesting about the Software Patent directive falling in
> Ireland's presidency --- perhaps we'll be able to make a difference on this.

There's been some concern over this in Brussels that Ireland would be
more swayed by large software companies because of our fantastic
software industry.

This is worth a note.  Ireland is the largest software producing
country in the world!                                        (on paper.)

Ireland doesn't tax revenues from copyright revenues or patent
royalties, so musicians and software companies buy houses and small
offices in Ireland and filter their revenuse through us.  We charge them
no tax, and everyone things that Ireland makes loads of software.  (and
software developers in Ireland wonder where all these secret programming
jobs are.)

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