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Harry Tormey slander at assassinationmedia.org
Fri Nov 28 13:44:25 CET 2003

I found a bit more information which may throw some light on the
opinions behing the source of the claims Ian so rightly highlighted and
dismissed as a bluff: 

"According to the Dow Jones newswire, the CEOs of a number of large
European corporations, including Alcatel, Nokia, Siemens, Philips and
Ericsson recently sent a letter to the European Union in which they
criticised the revised bill and threatened to move more than ¤15
billion of R&D research out of Europe. The Council of Ministers vote,
which was to take place on 27 November, has been postponed. "

Here are some sound bytes that I found (from 
http://swpat.ffii.org/players/media/ ) that may relate to opinions put
out by the dow jones newswire:

"In a public letter to Dow Jones journalist Matthew Newman, Hartmut
Pilch points out that JURI, contrary to what Newman wrote in Yahoo, did
not impose any limits on patentability but in fact did everything to
assure that ideas of the Amazon One-Click type are indisputably
considered patentable inventions in Europe and that such patents can be
enforced in ways which even the European Commission had not proposed. "


"Brussels correspondant Mathew Newman confuses patent lawyer interests
with industry interests, attributes limiting amendments to
"environmentalists and socialists", extensively quotes EICTA statements.

You get redirected to the above site where I took these quotes from when
you go to ffii.org (Has anti software patent message on its front page).
According to google cache : "The Foundation for a Free Information
Infrastructure (FFII) is a non-profit association registered in Munich,
which is dedicated to the spread of data processing literacy. FFII
supports the development of public information goods based on copyright,
free competition, open standards. More than 300 members, 700 companies
and 50,000 supporters have entrusted the FFII to act as their voice in
public policy questions in the area of exclusion rights (intellectual
property) in data processing. "

I am new to the list so I am not sure if this organizations name has 
cropped up before. Does any one know much about this organization? They
seem to have a lot of good information on their site. Also I could not
find the original dow jones story that was refered to in the register


On Fri, Nov 28, 2003 at 11:26:47AM +0000, Ian Clarke wrote:
> Harry Tormey wrote:
> >http://theregister.co.uk/content/4/34244.html
> >>From story :  "The purpose of patents is to encourage innovation, so
> >that you can create something, patent it, make money from it and use the
> >money for further innovation," said Karen Murray, a barrister and
> >lecturer on IT law at the National College of Ireland. "But the patents
> >are published and are available for people who would like to enhance
> >that innovation."
> >
> >Any one have any thoughts on the tone of the story ?
> It is unfortunate that, which Karen Murray accurately explained the 
> *purpose* of patents, she did not comment on how well they achieve their 
> stated purpose in the realm of software (ie. they fail completely, and 
> actually raise the cost and risk associated with innovation).
> I wasn't aware of the $15B R&D threat, clearly a bluff.  If they were 
> happy to spend $15B without software patents before, why not now?
> Is there a rebuttal to that letter?  If so, does anyone know if it has 
> been sent to MEPs?
> Ian.

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