[Fsfe-ie] Patent work restart (was: A fresh and accessable source...)

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Sun Nov 30 21:25:15 CET 2003

Upate on patents (lack of) work:

yeh, as most must have noticed, our patents work has gone to pot.  This
problem started with the EP changing the plan too fast for us to keep
up, and it's been made worse by the need for people to also work on the
Irish implementation of the EUCD.  But the patents issue is far too
important, so we need a better plan.

This was discussed at the quick-pint meeting last thursday (Glenn took
notes that will be posted some time).

I'm going to ditch the EUCD to put time to getting back on top of the
patents directive.  The EUCD should be worked on, but someone else will
have to take the lead (Malcolm? Ben?).

I have three days worth of work to do before my plate will be clear, but
at that point I'll dive into the patents issue.

Current status: I'm lost.  I don't know who's in charge of this
directive or who I should be lobbying, and when I hear the name of a
commitee, I don't know how to find out who is on that committee.  At the
start of the week I'll give the EP-irish office a ring to get status
info from them.  Then I'll try to ask educated questions on the ffii-uk
list, and resume work properly.

BTW, I plan to be in Brussels all day on Tuesday the 9th of December,
I'll be attending an FS meeting, but it's not very important, so if
there is anything useful I could do regarding patents, I'll ditch the
meeting and do that instead.  (James?)

James Heald <j.heald at ucl.ac.uk> writes:
> Suggestions/improvements/rewrites for www.ffii.org.uk would be very welcome;
> as would an FFII-IE site to give a specifically Irish perspective on the
> campaign.
> What I think is most needed is
> (i)  a specifically Irish swpat site

We should have a patents site sometime in December.  Irish Free Software
Organisation (IFSO) is almost set up, and we should soon have ifso.ie

I've put together a bit of a site for IFSO, but I haven't had time
recently to finish it.

I'll get a page up somewhere like: ifso.ie/patents as soon as I can

(and we could make ifso.ie/patents/ffii-ie.html if you think it is
 useful to have the ffii name mentioned)

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