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Ciaran O'Riordan writes:
>* The EUCD has been adopted. (ages ago)
>  I decided to work on this only to find it was mostly too
>  late.  All that's left is for the Irish govt to decide
>  which of the 15 optional clauses to adopt.

Damn.  But IMO the patents issue was more important priority-wise.

>* The "IPR Enforcement Directive" is on it's way.  I don't
>  have much info on this.

Is that what the NY Times article was referring to?  (reminder: 'The
proposal would go far beyond existing laws in Europe and the United States
by classifying copyright violations and patent infringements, even some
unwitting ones, as crimes punishable by prison terms.  Lawyers who have
studied a draft of the proposed law say that not only could a teenager who
downloaded a music file be sent to jail under it; so too could managers of
the Internet service provider that the teenager happened to use, whether
they knew what the teenager was doing or not.')

If that's the one, it sounds very worrying.

- --j.
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