[Fsfe-ie] stuff from the past week

adam beecher lists at beecher.net
Sun Oct 26 01:39:39 CEST 2003

Hi Ciaran,

> * I discovered that Ireland is _the_only_ EU state that doesn't have
>   either a Free Software org or a digital rights movement.
Two things on this:

 - If an association were to be set up, would it include OSS or be
FS-specific? (Personally, I'm a bit wary of an FS-specific association, it
comes across as a little exclusionary and elitist to me, plus I think
Ireland's size would better suit a catch-all association.)

 - There was an (half-hearted) attempt to set up an EFF-like organisation a
while back, specifically around the time of Karlin's revelations on data
retention. It didn't go very far because we tackled it in a rather
disorganised fashion, but I was approached about it again recently and I
think it's worth another try. I have to go to Dublin for various reasons
next month, so I'll probably call another meeting then to see if we can get
things kicked off.


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