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Adam Moran adam at diamat.org.uk
Mon Oct 27 10:00:03 CET 2003

Hi Jimmy, Hi List,

On 27-October-03 Jimmy O'Regan wrote:

> If a set of common goals can be found, which people agree are important 
> enough, then most people will be willing to toe a party line to achive 
> them; and split hairs kept to a minimum. Aside from FS vs OSS, there's 
> Linux vs GNU/Linux; [GNU/]Linux vs BSD etc. (If you can split atoms, it 
> gives more ways to split hairs :) The goals you mentioned are important, 
> and it should be easy enough to rally together several disparate groups 
> around them.

There has been some good work done on this issue recently on the [ox-en] 
  list. (Archive: http://www.oekonux.org/list-en/archive/index.html). I 
have attached the relevant email.

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