Objective of IFSO Re: [Fsfe-ie] stuff from the past week [adelaney at cs.may.ie]

Aidan Delaney adelaney at cs.may.ie
Tue Oct 28 11:45:09 CET 2003

> FWIW, I agree.   Whether it's GPL, Artistic, or whatever, if it's a
> DFSG-compliant open source license, I'm happy with it, and I'm
> generally
> happy for someone to speak for me on that basis.
> What about adopting the reasonably inclusive "free/libre and open
> source
> software"?   http://www.flora.ca/floss.shtml
Again, we're talking about software that gives people four freedoms and  
thus the licence fits the definition of Free Software.  In this  
situation I think the term Free Software fits the bill.  Why would we  
use the term FLOSS when we are specifically talking about the four  
freedoms of Free Software?
Thank you,
Aidan Delaney.

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