[Fsfe-ie] 1-page letter, faxes at the ready

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Tue Sep 23 09:47:31 CEST 2003

I'll take all the Irish MEP's.

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> (Right, I'm going to sleep.)
> It's a quickish letter, 1 page so people can fax more of them,
> slightly larger print coz fax machines aren't great.
> The voting list was mostly robbed from FFII but I've checked
> most of their endorsements and filled in most of the gaps.
> There are 102 MEPs, 15 Irish, 87 UK.  Take a block, tell the
> list, and take another block after if you can.  I don't have
> fax access but I'm getting a friend to do 10 for me, so I'll
> take UK 78 to 87.  I'll probably be without email until 1630h
> if you need to make changes, the OpenOffice file is here
> along with the pdf:
> http://www.compsoc.com/~coriordan/docs/sept23/
> This page gives links to the Irish & UK MEP listings.
> They're in Strasbourg, each MEP has a Strasbourg fax number
> on their page.
> AFAIK, plenary sessions end at 1300 or 1400, so our MEPs will
> have the evening to read faxes, if we can get it to them early
> that would be great.  Strasbourg is 1 hour ahead of us.
> I stuck my name on it in the hope that they'll recognise it
> from the previous letter.  Niall Douglas says the last letter
> went down well across the parties, so linking the two letters
> might add a bit of clout.
> This might be our last chance to make a difference.
> Good Luck.
> Ciaran.
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