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On 28 Sep 2003 at 12:11, Fergal Daly wrote:

> > I don't care how it's done legally, but I cannot be swayed from the
> > notion that if a person or group contributes significantly to the
> > improvement of their fellow man, they should be adequately rewarded.
> > This is one of the best features of capitalism - that taking risk is
> > rewarded ie; entrepreneurship.
> This bit puzzles me. This is exactly the purpose of patents, so why
> were you against software patents? Was it simply due to the excessive
> duration? In which case what about shit-hot clever ideas who's time
> has not yet come?
> Do you think that software patents are not fundamentally flawed, just
> implemented badly?

I am opposed to anything which restricts the freedom of ideas to make 
software. I strongly support anything which adequately rewards a 
person's contribution to the improvement of their fellow man.

Since software patents seeks to restrict the freedom of ideas behind 
software, they are fundamentally flawed. But I'm fine with something 
restricting temporarily the implementation of software so sufficient 
reward can be earned to give to the programmer for their work.

This isn't copyright BTW. Copyright protects the expression of ideas 
and so theoretically is the right approach. My problem is that it was 
written with books in mind and so is an ill fit for software plus it 
has become unenforceable in the current age. Therefore it will 
increasingly not reward the person contributing to the improvement of 
their fellow man, and thus needs replacing with something which will.


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