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Mon Sep 29 03:23:38 CEST 2003

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On 29 Sep 2003 at 0:35, Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:

> Ok, this debate has gone off the rails.  The length and
> content is unwieldy to most people.
> We are now discussing Linus being assinated, GNU Hurd not
> being production ready, the existence of absolute good and
> evil, the failings of Linux, the windows-ish look of KDE,
> free software not being innovative, the temporal value of
> precious metals, the universe, love, truth...
> If participants have unresolved free software issues that
> they believe are resolvable, could a new short-bodied thread
> be started?

Hmm, I guess you won't like what I just posted. Sorry, my modem based 
connection sends email before it downloads what's new.

Why I believe X is because I believe A, B & C. To explain why I think 
X is correct requires explaining A, B & C which in turn can recurse 
downwards. This can take some time but is where the real fruit of 
these kinds of discussion are borne. It's also why I keep it off list 
as for those not interested, it's very tedious.

If you want it short, you won't get past me saying "GPL is bad" and 
everyone else probably saying "GPL is good". That gets no one 
anywhere except knowing what we've already established.

Back off list?


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