[Fsfe-ie] A question which may end up frequently asked

Aidan Delaney adelaney at cs.may.ie
Mon Sep 29 13:55:54 CEST 2003

> Q: Do postings have to be Ireland specific?
Ciaran and I were talking about this before.  Our thoughts are that we  
have no problem with people outside Ireland joining and discussing on  
the list.  I have no problem with non-Irish specific discussions about  
Free Software, but IFSO should really be a force for promoting Free  
Software in Ireland.  Even the E.U. swpat is "extra-curricular" IMHO.   
I think we only got involved as those laws _will_ effect Free Software  
in Ireland.
> Some of the recent postings, while interesting, are not obviously
> Ireland specific. I'm sure most of us belong to other lists where
> these
> issues repeatedly show up, so perhaps we should try to avoid them on
> this list.
I don't mind general Free Software postings, but I would prefer if they  
were Ireland specific.  It's hard to maintain concentration on a list  
that covers a wide topic area.
> Everyone who joined this list probably has a clear idea of what "free
> software" means to them and, for much of the work we might do, a
> definition along the lines of "GPL or similar or freer" might be
> acceptable.
I think the question is "What does Free Software mean?" i.e. what  
constitutes a discussion about Free Software?  I think the licence  
debate has been done to death.  I personally want to see us advocate  
the use of the GNU software system.  This includes X11 and BSD licenced  
software which generally satisfys most customers.

Thank you,
Aidan Delaney.

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