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Thu Apr 8 18:22:22 CEST 2004

My original was rejected by the list with:

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Does anyone know why?

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Subject: Re: [Fsfe-ie] E-Voting letter and IFSO logo
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> From: Ian Clarke &lt;ian at locut.us&gt;
> &gt; Well, I know it isn't a popular opinion on this list, but I think
> &gt; making the e-voting source code public is a distant second to voter
> &gt; verified audit trails and I am concerned that advocating the
> &gt; &quot;nice-to-have&quot; will only reduce our chances of getting the
> &gt; &quot;need-to-have&quot;.
> I tend to agree. Publicly, the opposition to the proposed electronic
> system should hammer relentlessly on at the requirement for VVAT. This is
> more required because the Government is now using underhand tactics to
> their position: for example, referring to the ICTE as anti-globalisation
> types, declaring that those opposing are uninformed (despite well
> and detailed oppositions), refusing to meet those opposed while at the
> time declaring they don't want to get involved in the process of
> electronic voting.
> However, it could be said that IFSO is not doing its part by not promoting
> the obvious advantages a free software solution for electronic voting,
> and only, after a VVAT has been introduced. This is why I think the letter
> proposed by Cathal is a good idea and should be sent -- it gives
> another reason to oppose the proposed system and lights another fire in
> their bellies. I agree that if we started writing letters to newspapers or
> making press releases or speaking on radio talk shows, we'd scupper the
> ICTE's work. Appealing directly as an expert focus group to candidates,
> though, narrows the scope of the effort in the best possible way.
> politicians talk to each other away from the microphones more than in
> of it. It's for that reason that I suggested to the Green Party candidates
> met a few weeks ago to cast doubts in the minds of PD candidates during
> upcoming campaign. If they express further doubts to each other, then
> there'd be a better chance of a &quot;grass-roots&quot; effort to stall
the ball on
> this one.
> For my own opinion, by the way, I prefer the current system above all,
> because I'm not so sure it's that badly broke.
> Éibhear
> --
> Éibhear Ó hAnluain
> Ireland.

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