[Fsfe-ie] Ms. Harney on Newstalk 106 tomorrow (Friday)

Ian Clarke ian at locut.us
Thu Apr 15 15:11:59 CEST 2004

Looks good, one thing:

> 3. Both the websites of the Progressive Democrats and Ms.
> Harney herself are built using populat community
> technologies known as "Apache", "PHP", "MySQL" and
> "FreeBSD". New development in these types of technologies
> would be virtually impossible in a regime of software patents.
> 4. A regime of software patents make it extremely difficult for
> small companies or contractors to implement web sites or
> other software applications for clients.

This could provide her with the cowardly but easy comeback that software
patents have been available in the US for years and they haven't
prevented Open Source innovation there.

Obviously the FTC report contradicts that, but often less is more,
particularly when you are relying on a third-party to convey your


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