[Fsfe-ie] Software patents stifle invention and place an undue burden on small and medium enterprises.

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Fri Apr 16 12:23:21 CEST 2004

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From: Ian Clarke <ian at locut.us>

> Anyone know if we got a mention?

Unfortunately, we didn't. I may have misinterpreted the call for questions,
as they were nearly exclusively callers on the 'phone.

I wasn't expecting that they would be discussing anything heavy, especially
when the interview started off talking about David Beckham and Roy Keane.
(Worthy topics of discussion, I'm sure, but not really part of An Tánaiste's

Shane Hogan, who contributes to the ICTE mailing list, *did* get to ask a
question about the startling revelations regarding discrepancies in the
pilot runs of the electronic voting system in 2002. Ms. Harney obviously
wasn't prepared for that one and fudged her answer, in my opinion. Dave
McWilliams handled it well for her by changing the subject once it became
obvious that she didn't want to talk about it.

Nice of him, huh?


Éibhear Ó hAnluain

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