[Fsfe-ie] Preparations for Indymedia conference

Malcolm Tyrrell malcohol at eircom.net
Wed Apr 21 18:23:38 CEST 2004

Hi there.

I visited the location of the Indymedia conference this morning. It hasn't
been set up yet but I'll try to give an impression of what it will be

The conference will occupy several spaces where different things will be
going on. The main area is a large room in the centre of which will be
the information stands. These will consist of two rows of tressel tables
with tall MDF boards jammed between them. There will be information stands
on both sides. The are several demonstration areas where people will be
giving workshops. One such area was being set up will several computers.
In another room there will be photography exhibits. Another large room
will be used for talks, movies, discussions, etc.

The person I talked to was very keen for us to get involved in
discussions. She implied that she had been trying to inform some of the
other media and internet groups she interacts with about the importance of
free software and copyleft. I haven't talked to Checkov Feeney yet, so
the details of how they see our role are still a little vague.

Note that we won't be allowed sell stuff from the stand.

Here is some stuff we will might want:
* A2 Poster:
  IFSO - Irish Free Software Organization, GNU with harp, http://www.ifso.ie
* Round badges:
  GNU with harp and a text with something like "Free Software in Ireland".
* Rectangular Stickers:
  GNU with harp, IFSO - Irish Free Software Organization, http://www.ifso.ie,
  "Promoting and defending free software in Ireland".
* Information Flyer -
  Eibhear is working on this. Thanks!
* CDs of Free Software:
  David is working on this. Thanks!

We can use the nice "No E-Patents" t-shirts David brough back from
Brussels. I recommend we also use some conference badges with IFSO and our
names on them.

I'm willing to go and get the stuff physically made (except the CDs which
somebody should be able to make at home) if some people on the list could
volunteer to create the files. I've just lost my webspace, so I've mailed
the GNU image to the other committee members. Hopefully one of them will
be able to make it available soon.

I haven't priced anything yet, but I think an upper limit should be 50EUR.
Note that we can always reuse stuff we don't give away.

Thanks for helping,


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