[Fsfe-ie] Live CD

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Fri Apr 23 04:33:45 CEST 2004

I've finished remastering the the CD. Changes made to normal Morphix 
Gnome distribution:

*Changed logos
*Changed around a few menu items to make things more user-friendly (i.e. 
put open off actually in the office section) 
*Remove or put large blatant warnings on things that write to user's 
*Replace Index.html with the one listed below.
*Added some windows and mac os x free software
*Added 3 recording from fsf.org/pholosophy/audio

- I didn't get round to adding any irish-specific programs, maybe next 

Cd "cover" 

new index.html
Any spellinakes/correction/changes let me know. 

iso: http://www.netsoc.ucd.ie/~cathcart/ifso/ifso-morphix-final.iso
currently uploading should take around 15 hours to upload should be done 
by about 6 pm on friday, all going to plan.

Cd cover is a4 paper folded around cd, one side is cover image other 
side is printout of index file. 

How many do we need? I have some cheep blank cd's and a stack of paper, 
so i can do 20 or so and have them ready for friday afternoon. 

David C.

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