[Fsfe-ie] Live CD

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Sat Apr 24 20:01:54 CEST 2004

Sorry for any trouble caused with not-fully uploaded cd. I'm uploading 
the rest now, if you do download it and it's less than 690 megs there's 
something wrong. Here's the md5 sum:
ffd2a9eed363eab6c35142990e6bfc2c  ifso-morphix-final-24-04-2004.iso (new 

Just checking the derivatives guidelines for morphix: 

They're not obligatory, but  i've changed the image to incleude 
the liscence as a textfile, and will notify the morphix people about the 
existance of our version later tonight. 

New version with liscence 

Sorry for any confusion and mixup.


> Fixed, thanks for corrections, stopped upload to webspace to remaster 
> cd, will finish upload sometime over the weekend. Concentrating on 
> burning now.
> David C.

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