[Fsfe-ie] Creative Commons

Conor Nash conornash at eircom.net
Sun Apr 25 16:36:00 CEST 2004

Malcolm Tyrrell wrote:

 >> Checkov Feeney wrote:
>>people from Indymedia Ireland would be very interested in learning more 
>>about the various forms of copyleft licences (eg GPL, LGPL, BSD, 
>>Creative Commons) and issues related to them.
> Can someone tackle this? I don't know much about the BSD and Creative
> Commons license.

The Creative Commons people recently did a competition to see if some 
"aspiring filmmakers and flash artists to create a short film that 
explained the mission of the Creative Commons." The winning entries 
explain the ideas behind the Creative Commons Licenses very well indeed, 
and in true Creative Commons spirit, are available to download from:


There's also a very informative, if slightly lengthy article called 
"Giving It Away (for Fun and Profit)" that gives you more information, 
if you're hungry for that sort of thing.


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