[Fsfe-ie] The Sunday Business Post and the Live CD

Ian Clarke ian at locut.us
Mon Apr 26 12:29:55 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-04-26 at 10:19, Malcolm Tyrrell wrote:
> That's very interesting. However, I might want to wait before
> considering publicising the IFSO CD this widely.

I understand your concerns, but this seems like too good an opportunity
to pass up.

> * We might be swamped with people looking for support. We're just not
>   big enough and, besides, this isn't our core mission.

We might not be capable of handling the support, but the Linux community
as a whole probably will be, which is why we should be clear that this
is where people should seek support if they need it (isn't
community-based support part of the point of free software?).

> * It is a little over-branded as an IFSO production. Although it
>   clearly states that it is "based on Morphix", I think that we might want
>   to return one of their splash screens and include some more
>   information about the precise relationship between our and their
>   product.

Well, you could equally argue that Linux is a little over-branded as a
Morphix production too :-)  I am sure the origins of the CD can be
accurately described within the pages of the newspaper, and I don't
think its necessary to get overly concerned about branding, few other
people are in the Linux community (provided that people aren't overtly

> * I don't think the IFSO CD has the Irish dial-up specifics (not that
>   I know much about that stuff).

Well, it will still serve its primary purpose (to give a taste of Linux)
even if they don't get dialup working - although I suspect that someone
ambitious enough to try will probably be able to figure it out.


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